Annoying Orange episode guide

Annoying Orange Episodes

Image Name YouTube Summary Airdate
The Annoying Orange Orange annoys an apple. 10/9/09
Plumpkin Orange meets a pumpkin, but can't resist calling him "Plumpkin". 10/29/09
TOE-MAY-TOE Orange mistakes a tomato for an apple, and then has a debate with him on whether he is a fruit or a vegetable. 12/4/09
Sandy Claus Orange meets a Santa Claus doll and gets on the top of his naughty list by annoying him. 12/23/09
More Annoying Orange Orange meets another orange who is also annoying. 1/15/10
Hey YOUTUBE!! Orange explains to his viewers about his new YouTube channel. 1/15/10
Wazzup! Orange and an apple, two bananas, a kiwi, and a lemon recreate an old Budweiser commercial. 1/22/10